GENIUS Lightweight Internet Chat Headset HS-02S

GENIUS Lightweight Internet Chat Headset HS-02S - Computer Express
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Genius now presents its latest lightweight headset, HS-02S, to make conversation through the Internet easier. With a stainless steel headband, HS-02S is lightweight and comfortable while wearing. The adjustable microphone delivers much clearer sound performance. And the in-line volume control lets you adjust the volume without fumbling with your PC or notebook. HS-02S is great for chatting on MSN, Skype and other Internet chat programs. For more information, check with your sales representative about picking one of these headsets up.


  • Lightweight stainless steel headband headset with microphone.
  • Soft sponge ear pads.
  • In-line volume control.
  • Great for MSN , SKYPE or Internet chatting.