Genius NB Stand 200 Notebook Stand Cooling Pad

Genius Nb Stand 200 Notebook Cooling Pad Cooler
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Notebook Stand 200 is the notebook cooler from Genius is designed to help prevent your notebook from overheating during extended use. The wave and hydrodynamic design makes airflow much more efficient and smooth. Plus the powerful and quiet 70 mm fan draws heat away from the base of the laptop, allowing for better circulation and heat dissipation within the computer casing. It is flat and lightweight so the Notebook Stand 200 is very easy to store inside your notebook bag. The cable-storable design enables it an ideal companion for travel and storage. The stand is adjustable in two different heights for added convenience. The elegant black finish and sleek shape fits perfectly with your laptop. The internal heat generated by laptop components can weaken system performance and cause instability. Now, with the Notebook Stand 200 you can help maintain safer temperatures and ensure that your notebook computer gives you the performance you expect.


  • Notebook Stand 200 Powerful built-in fan to cool your laptop for easy thermal heat dissipation
  • Maintain system longevity and optimum performance by protecting your notebook from the effects of excessive heat
  • Compatible with 10to 19notebooks including wide screen
  • Enhance notebook stability and durability
  • Quiet solution for notebook cooling
  • Cable storage area, makes travel easy
  • Two feet can adjust the height of the cooling fan