Genius NB Stand 250 Notebook Cooler

Genius Nb Stand 250 Notebook Cooler Pad
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NB Stand 250 is the notebook cooler stand from Genius designed to help prevent your notebook from overheating during extended use.The aluminum material makes the design much more fashionable and heat dissipation more efficient.Two powerful and quiet 60 mm fans draw heat away from the base of the notebook, allowing for better circulation and heat dissipation within the notebook casing. It’s flat and lightweight and the cable stores inside the stand easily.Contact your sales representation for more details.


  • Notebook Stand 250 Powerful built-in fans cool your laptop
  • Aluminum material makes cooling more efficient
  • Protect your laptops from over heat
  • Compatible with 7 to 15notebooks including wide screen
  • Quiet solution for notebook cooling
  • Cable storage area, makes travel easy