TwinMOS 2GB DDR2 800MHz Memory Module [RAM] for Desktop

Twinmos 2Gb Ddr2 800Mhz Memory Module [Ram] For Desktop Ram
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TwinMOS Introducing DDR2 SDRAM is a Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. 


  • Ensure system stability with the lowest MTBF feature
  • Single module perform Data Transfer Rate up to 6400MB/s
  • A whopping 12.8GB/s of memory bandwidth
  • Easily expand extra modules anytime
  • The matched pair of dual channel kit modules are all been verified in the dual channel environment and proved through testing to achieve high performance and stability


    • Double Data Rate architecture
    • Bandwidth(max): 6.4GB/s
    • JEDEC standard
    • Serial Presence Detect support
    • MRS cycle with address key programs

* CAS latency: 3, 4& 5 (clock)
* Burst length: 4 & 8
* Burst type: Sequential & Interleave

  • 2 variations of refresh

*Auto refresh
*Self refresh