Genius Digital 4-Way Hi-Fi Speakers SP-HF2020

Genius Digital 4-Way Hi-Fi Speakers Sp-Hf2020 Brown
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Tired of flat-boring sound from a TV? Genius brings all serious listeners a new set of speakers, SP-HF2020, to experience magnificent sound.

SP-HF2020 has a built-in professional D2Audio Digital Sound Processor (DSP) with three equalizer (EQ) effects for TV, movies, games or music enjoyment. EQ-WideSound provides a wider sound stage so it sounds like you’re in an open house. EQ-DeepBass uses digital deductive method to deliver deeper and heavy low-frequency. For optimized sound position, you can use the EQ-AudioAlign selection. Not only DSP, SP-HF2020 integrates four acoustic-designed speaker units to deliver warm, precise and brilliant sound quality. It uses one close frame speaker unit to deliver more accurate sound performance for vocal and most instruments in the middle frequency. Two elastic bass drivers provide long and deep low frequency without distraction.

SP-HF2020 has a wireless remote control to adjust all necessary functions. There is a digital coaxial input and two analog inputs with 2RCA and 3.5mm sockets, on the back for connection to a TV/DVD player/Game console/PC. There is a “digital” source key on the front panel and the remote to change different inputs easily.


  • Digital 4-Way Hi-Fi Speakers
  • Four Acoustic-designed speaker units deliver superior sound entertainment – a total of 60 watts RMS
  • Professional D2Audio Digital Sound Processor
  • Three optional equalizers: WideSound, DeepBass, AudioAlign
  • Adjustable volume and digital-source selection key
  • Piano black front panel and electroplated-copper ring
  • Remote control included
  • One digital coaxial input and two analog inputs
  • Connect to TV/ DVD/Gaming device/PC easily


  • RMS(watts) - 60
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 85dB
  • Frequency Response - 50~20K Hz
  • Treble/EQ - 3
  • Line-in 
  • Volume Control - YES
  • Headphone Jack              
  • 5.1CH Input       
  • Power ON/OFF

Package Contents

  • One pair of speakers
  • One RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable
  • One remote control
  • Multi-language user’s manual