Canon Ink Cartridge CLI-8 B/C/M/Y (13ml)

Canon Ink Cartridge Cli-8 B/c/m/y (13Ml) Black
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ChromaLife100 system makes the genuine yellow Canon CLI-8 B/C/M/Y ink cartridge reliable for printing long-lasting pictures and photographs. The Canon CLI8 B/C/M/Y ink cartridge works with the FINE technology to ensure high quality results on every page. Users can produce images with accurate shades of yellow on plain or speciality paper as long as they are using the Canon CLI8 B/C/M/Y ink jet cartridge. Real world conditions like humidity, heat, and ozone are resisted by the Canon CLI-8 B/C/M/Y printer ink, making the printouts suitable for display or archival in an album.

Estimated print yield of 420 pages per cartridge

For Use in :

Canon All-in-One Machines - PIXMA MP500, PIXMA MP510, PIXMA MP520, PIXMA MP530 MFP, PIXMA MP600, PIXMA MP610, PIXMA MP800, PIXMA MP800R, PIXMA MP810, PIXMA MP830, PIXMA MP950, PIXMA MP960, PIXMA MP970, PIXMA MX700, PIXMA MX850

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