Edimax 6M Cable + Surge Arrester + N - Type to RPSMA Cable (50cm) EA-CK6M

Edimax 6M Cable + Surge Arrester N - Type To Rpsma (50Cm) Ea-Ck6M Antenna
Regular price K340.00

Key Feature

  • Via cable loss system EIRP can be easily calculated
  • Flexible – Modulized product options provided Multi-brand support
  • Allows you to deploy the suitable WLAN environment
  • Allows you to fully make use of your existing device.
  • Deploys WLAN environment easily & quickly
  • Works with 802.11g/b/a 2.4GHz to extend wireless network
  • All in one combo box to collect related WLAN accessories
  • EIRP oriented and Multi-brand wireless devices supports
  • To meet various deployment sites with flexible cable lengths
  • Cable manufacture by TIMES Microwave Systems ®
  • UV-resistance over 20 years life cycle