EDIMAX Wireless 11n Compact Storage Server NS-1500n

Edimax Wireless 11N Compact Storage Server Ns-1500N Nas
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Flexible Storage Server and Extremely Cost Effective

The NS-1500n makes you to share the existing external USB storage or the flash drive across your network by simply plugging it to the USB2.0 ports of the NS-1500n, quickly and easily! What’s more, the NS-1500n is an extremely cost effective product as your best choice if you don’t want to pay much more for a network storage. The NS-1500n makes your investments pay off by sharing music, photos, videos or documents in minutes!

Powerful Independent Download Station—FTP / HTTP / P2P BitTorrent Download

The NS-1500n integrates various download agents, such as P2P BT download, FTP and HTTP download agents, which allow your to download files from Internet to the attached USB storage, without turning on your PC! Also, with its user-friendly Web interface & Windows-based utility, you can check all BT downloading items easily.

Flexibility Multimedia station– iTunes Server and Media Server

With the built-in iTunes Server, the NS-1500n lets you share media files in the attached USB storage. All the network users can share the music library through iTunes or compatible media players, without downloading to their own computers. Moreover, the Media Server lets you share your media files to UPnP or DLNA compliant media adapters and players back through network.”

Supports Built-in Security

The NS-1500n offers several security settings: User and Group with three security level settings (No Access, Read Only & Read/Write). Folder level security settings with parental inheritance level to ensure subdirectory has inheritance same authorization from the main directory. Administrative username / password login security for HTML-based configuration utility.

Simple to Install and Use

The setup wizard helps you to configure the NS-1500n in few clicks.

Surveillance Function for Home Security

By working with Edimax IP camera*, the NS-1500n allows you to schedule the recording or record live video manually. This great integration provides you more thorough solution for home security.

*Edimax IC-1510 series or onward models.


  • Complies with wireless 802.11n and 802.11b/g standards
  • Stores and shares files with network users via attached USB storage or flash drive
  • Supports NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXT2, EXT3 file systems
  • Supports P2P download (BitTorrent) & FTP/HTTP download agent
  • Supports UPnP Media Server and iTunes Server
  • Supports schedule recording and real time recording from Edimax IP camera*