EDIMAX 16 Ports Fast Ethernet Switch ES-3216P

Edimax 16 Ports Fast Ethernet Switch Es-3216P
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Smart Green Ethernet

ES-3216P is an ideal energy saving switch integrated with sixteen 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet ports. The switch is capable of detecting the length of an Ethernet cable connected and automatically supply with the right amount of energy. It also reduces its power consumption if ports are idle.

200Mbps Full Duplex Transmission

Edimax ES-3216P is a high speed Fast Ethernet switch for home and small businesses. ES-3216P not only complies with  IEEE 802.3/IEEE 802.3u 10/100Mbps Ethernet standard but also supports full duplex transmission. The full duplex feature can double the network throughput on every port. It is used for high speed server or switch-to-switch connections. The ES-3216P boasts a maximum throughput of 200Mbps for every port.

Supports Wire-speed and Flow Control

The ES-3216P’s built-in non-blocking and store-and-forward architecture equip your network with full-wire speed connections. It accommodates flow control for full duplex mode and back pressure for half-duplex mode – ensuring reliable data transfer and preventing data loss. Use ES-3216P to create high-speed networks and benefit from its ultimate performance and reliability.

Supports Auto-MDI/MDI-X and Auto Sensing

ES-3216P supports PnP (plug and play) installation and auto-MDI/MDI-X function. You can connect

ES-3216P to computers or to Ethernet devices without configuration hassles. You can conveniently use either straight-through or cross-over Ethernet cable and combine 10 and 100Mbps devices into ES-3216P. The switch will automatically detect the right cable and speed for your device.


  • Complies with the IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u standards.
  • Smart Green Ethernet technology to reduce power consumption 30%~50%
  • Provides Store-and-Forward architecture , Full Wire Speed forwarding and filtering rates
  • Supports Auto-MDI/MDI-X, full/half duplex modes and auto-negotiation.
  • Supports flow control and Non-blocking architecture