Epson Black Fabric Ribbon Cartridge - S015086 (60 Metres)

Epson Black Fabric Ribbon Cartridge - S015086 (60 Metres)
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Black Fabric Ribbon Cartridge. Designed and engineered to meet the demands of Epson's fast, high performance impact printers, genuine Epson ribbons deliver consistently crisp, black output; time and time again. Long-lasting and easy to install, Epson ribbons provide longer life and better character definition than imitation supplies. Remember, Epson supplies guarantee Epson quality.

The S015086 Black Fabric Ribbon Cartridge from Epson is designed for select impact printers and will provide 12 million characters at 14 dots/character. It also has lubricating agents in the ink that will extend the life of the print head.

Works With

FX-2170 Impact Printer/FX-2180 Impact Printer/LQ-2070 Impact Printer/LQ-2080 Impact Printer/LQ-2170 Impact Printer/LQ-2180 Impact Printer