Genius DVR-GPS300D Smart lighting dual lens GPS Vehicle Recorder

Genius Dvr-Gps300D Smart Lighting Dual Lens Gps Vehicle Recorder
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Genius has released a new smart lighting dual lens GPS vehicle recorder, DVR-GPS300D. This recorder has a dual lens to take front and back videos when you are driving. With a built-in chipset, DVR-GPS300D can also receive GPS coordinates and display the driving route, speed, longitude, latitude, and altitude information using the application. Also the G sensor monitors any speeding or accidents and saves the recorded files as evidence for your protection.

Afraid if the recorded video is too dark during night time driving? The day and night time smart lighting setting by the software can adjust the lighting automatically during the daytime and evening. There is also an IR to compensate for light inside the car when driving at night. So for a device to protect you when you’re driving anytime, check out the DVR-GPS300D.


  • Camera View - 90 ° front camera, rear camera 120 °.
  • Memory Storage - USB Flash
  • General Type - GPS Vehicle Recorder
  • General Charging Adapter Type - Cigarette Charger
  • Others Frames Per Second - of 640 x 480 / 30fps for both cameras
  • Others Special Features  - Audio Recording,Date display
  • Resolution - 640 × 480p.
  • Lens view angle - 90 Degree (Front), 120 Degree (Back).
  • GPS Frequency - L1, 1575.42MHz.
  • GPS channels - 12 Channels for Tracking.
  • Storage -  (x2) USB slots, Each up to 16GB.​
  • Power - 5V, 3A.
  • General System Requirements  Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000,Pentium 3.4G above,Minimum 1GB hard disk drive space, 1GB RAM