GENIUS HEEHA 100 Portable Pocket Gamepad

Genius Heeha 100 Portable Pocket Gamepad Game Pad
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Heeha 100 is the first Genius pocket game device designed for portable gamers of all ages. Heeha 100 has 30 built-in classic arcade games including racing, shooting, puzzle and intelligent games which are easy to play and excellent to test your memory. The 2.5-inch LCD colorful screen provides a wonderful frame display. The 8-way D-pad and A and B action buttons are perfect to control each game. With its lightweight small size, Heeha 100 is ideal to bring with you when you travel. Powered by three AAA Alkaline batteries, Heeha 100 is able to offer you continuous fun for up to seven hours.


  • 30 classic arcade games
  • 2.5” LCD, 16:9 colorful screen
  • Tiny pocket size and light weight
  • Easy to play