Genius MaxFire Pandora Pro

Genius Maxfire Pandora Pro Game Pad
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Foldable Mini USB Vibration Game Pad with Retractable USB Cable

If you are into portable gaming using a notebook, you’ll want this device right away. The new Genius portable gamepad,MaxFire Pandora Pro, is the first mini vibration PC gamepad in the world with a direction stick.

MaxFire Pandora Pro features eight action buttons including four side buttons and a Turbo function for auto repeat, is especially great for shooting and action games. This game pad measures 9.9 x 4.9 x 1.2 cm and weighs only 30 grams, so you can easily carry it with a notebook, tie it to a mobile phone or use it as a decoration and play games anytime you want. In addition, a retractable USB cable and slim carry box are included; and the slim box has slots so can carry your own memory cards as well.

The Genius MaxFire Pandora Pro is a folding mini game pad. An 8-way D-pad and 8 control buttons give you maximum control, just like your pad at home. A turbo button increases your fire rate, keeping you save in crowded situations.

When not in use you can either fold it in half or put it in its protective box along with the retractable USB cable.

MaxFire Pandora Pro is a perfect partner for your notebook; just plug it in and start having fun!


  • Superior Portability -The ultra-compact Genius MaxFire Pandora Pro features a foldable design and a retractable USB cable for easy storage and carrying convenience.
  • Convenient Control - The Genius MaxFire Pandora Pro features a sensitive mini direction stick and 8 action buttons for advanced, convenient control in various PC games.
  • Dual-Motor Vibration Feedback -  With dual motors, the Genius MaxFire Pandora Pro provides realistic vibration feedback for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Turbo Button -  Upon a single press, the turbo button delivers a convenient auto repeat function, perfect for shooting and action games.