GENIUS Keyboard Slim Star 250 PS2

Genius Keyboard Slim Star 250 Ps2
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Slim Comfort Design Office Keyboard - is our latest multimedia solution to enhance your office work and efficiency. Its an excellent match to your PC environment with the popular dual-toned sliver black finish, and you can enjoy smooth operation easily.

SlimStar 250 enjoys high quality, slim comfort and is more convenient. Enhanced functions let you quickly access the digital media world. Just a single touch accesses the Internet, media player or launch your SKYPE or MSN. Plus it has buttons for quick document Save, Copy and Print.

SlimStar 250 provides great convenience for document tools, Internet browsing freedom and music.

     Key features

  • 23 multimedia keys for Internet, Media center and Office function.
  • Just a single touch for Microsoft Office application Word, Excel, Power Point access
  • Open your SKYPE, MSN or Yahoo messenger instantly
  • Document tools Save, Copy and Print
  • Unique 4 way scrolling allows quick and easy Internet and document browsing