Noyafa Data and Network Toolkit (NF-1107)

Noyafa Data And Network Toolkit (Nf-1107)
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  • Wire Tracker -Trace locate and verify RJ11 and RJ45 cables.
  • Network Cable Tester :Used to verify RJ11/FJ45 cables status.
  • Non-contact Voltage Detector :Used to identify hot and neutral conductors, find a break in a wire and detect the AC voltage.
  • Punch Tool - Cut excess cable with the blade and steady function.
  • Crimping Tool-8p8c,6p6c cable crimper.

Includes the following

  • Wire Tracker NF-801B
  • Network Cable Tester NF-468
  • Non-contact Voltage Detector NF-608
  • Punch Tool NF-110
  • Crimping Tool NF-178