Olympus Voice Recorder WS-852, Silver

Olympus Voice Recorder Ws-852 Silver
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The low-noise directional stereo microphones with a 90° layout deliver a superb stereo feel – enabling you to feel even the smallest details of the meeting. Regardless of where the person speaking is located or the direction of speech, you can clearly capture the information.

Does the adjusting for you

To make listening to your recordings more comfortable, Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts the recording level to match the volume of the sound source. When a speaker is talking very loudly, the recorder reduces the input level, and for soft voices the recorder increases the input level – to always provide an even level of volume.

Made for beginners. Just as perfect for advanced

With two different display modes, you can use your voice recorder even if you are a beginner. Simple Mode displays only essential information in large font and limits the menu options to frequently-used functions. For advanced users, full functionality of menu options is available in Normal Mode.

The simplest way to save data

Save data easily and conveniently with the built-in USB connector. Simply slot it into your PC or Mac to transfer voice recordings from the device to an external hard disk drive. You can also use it like a USB stick to share documents. For the WS-853, the USB connector has an additional internal battery charge function for further peace of mind.


Less noise. More sound.

The Low-cut Filter efficiently eliminates lower-frequency noise such as air conditioners, projectors and outdoor wind to allow for even clearer voice recordings.


Optimised settings for optimal results.

Ensure fail-proof, high-quality recordings by choosing the scene in which you want to record. Your recorder then instantly sets the right audio recording parameters. You can also add simple accessories to the device for perfect telephone recording and for converting analogue cassettes to digital.


Convenience and clarity in every recording.

A built-in stand on the back of the audio recorder makes desktop use even easier. It helps to reduce surface noise and keeps your recordings perfectly clear.


Never miss out on anything with longer battery life.

With reduced power consumption and an extended battery life, the WS Series digital voice recorder is more convenient than ever.


Enjoy clearer playback of vocal recordings.

By cutting out the low and high frequency ranges of a voice recording, Voice Filter clarifies and enhances the sound of the words being spoken. This makes it easier to understand the speaker during playback.


Find what you’re looking for. Fast.

Saved audio files are automatically marked with the date and displayed in calendar format, making it quick and easy to search for files. Plus, a dedicated calendar button allows for immediate viewing.


From very slow to fast enough.

The playback speed can be adjusted between a range of x0.5 (slowest) and x2 (fastest). The ability to change the playback speed is particularly useful when you want to listen to the recording in a very slow mode to understand it really good, such as with language study. Fast listening to recordings comes convenient when you want to quickly check meeting recordings and find the particular sequences.


Memory Internal - 4GB, External - micro SD (MAX 32GB)
PC Connectivity USB Direct
Recording Format MP3
Battery Required / Battery Charge AAA alkaline battery x2, or AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery x2 (2 x AAA alkaline batteries included) / No
Recording Time / Battery Life (Recording) 1040 hours / 110 hours
Simple Mode / Voice activated recording Yes / Yes VCVA Voice Sync
Low Cut Filter / Noise Cancellation Yes / No
Voice Balancer / Voice Filter No / Yes
Calendar Search / File Divide / Index Mark Yes / Yes / Yes (Max 99)
Size, Weight (including battery) 4.4" x 1.5" x .71", 2.72 oz.