Promate unipro.4 Multi-Regional Travel Adapter with Two USB Charging Ports

Promate Unipro.4 Multi-Regional Travel Adapter With Two Usb Charging Ports Power Adaptor
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uniPro.4, is designed to conveniently charge all your devices with a single adaptor

  • Its 2 USB ports let you charge your USB compatible devices in a jiff.
  • Perfect for frequent travelers, the sophisticated multi-adaptor utilizes an innovative slide-out plug design that houses UK, EU, AU and US compatible pins.
  • In case of power surges, this adapter is configured to maintain the safety of those who use it
  • Low heat emission
  • The Auto-Switch Adaptor makes uniPro.4 highly durable and is a great companion for travelers who are always on the go.
  • Never worry about your devices running out of battery power


  • Input:100-250V AC 50/60Hz
  • Output: 5V, 2.1A
  • Input type: AC plugs - UK, EU, US, AU
  • Output type: 2 USB charging ports