S-Tek Networking Tool Kit (773332)

S-Tek Networking Tool Kit (773332) Toolkit
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The Networking tool Kit alows the professional installer or amatuer enthusiast to handle cabling, terminating and troubleshooting with ease.

Fully demagnetized tools offer you full protection of computer hard drive or magnetic media from damage.

Supplied in a tough and lighhtweight carry case.

Number of Pieces 18

Key Features:


  • Anti-Static/Anti Shock Wrist Band
  • UTP/STP Strips & Cuts Tool
  • 4 1/2″ Side Cutter
  • 5” Long Nose Pliers
  • RJ45 Modular Crimping Tool
  • 8P8C Modular Plug
  • Protection Cap
  • LAN Cable tester
  • See through Blow Mold Case