Omega 6 Way Surge Protected Adapter 10Ft

Omega 6 Way Surge Protected Adapter 10Ft Arrest
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Designed for Safety, the 6-Outlet Strip has been tested 100% in the factory. The built-in circuit breaker prevents overloading of the power strip. All outlets are grounded to protect your home and your equipment.

This 6-Outlet Strip uses regular house current. (Rated 10 Amps, 250 Volts, 2500 Watt, dot exceed!) In case of overloading, your unit is equipped with a circuit breaker which will shut off all power. Eliminate the overload and then reset by pressing switch to RESET position

The 6-Outlet Strip has built-in screw head slot(s) for easy installation under shelf, cabinet, or to wall. If mounting is desirable, be sure unit is securely attached to mounting surface before using


  • Length of Power Cord: 10 Feet
  • Input Voltage : 220VAC
  • Outlets : 6
  • Type : Round & flat
  • Current : 10A
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Maximum Power Rating : 2,500W
  • Electrical Rating 250VAC, 10Amps (2500 Watts)
  • Max. Surge Voltage : 6KV
  • Max. Surge Dissipation : 125 Joules
  • Max. Spike Current : 4500Amps, 25 Degrees Celsius
  • Max. Clamping Voltage : 775Volts
  • Calmping Response Time : Less than 1 Nanosecond